Employer of Record in India 


The employer of record is a third-party firm that manages the whole hiring process for its clients  globally including payroll, employment contracts defining their roles and responsibilities,  employee benefits, taxes, etc. These firms do not take the position of a company’s human  resources department; rather, they're meant to supplement it.  

If you want to hire workers from outside the country where your company operates, you'll need  to set up a subsidiary in each of the countries where you want to hire, which will take months  following several rules of that particular country. But with EOR, you don't need to have a local  company to hire staff globally as EOR takes the responsibility for all the legal hiring formalities. 

Similarly, the employer of record India helps its onshore clients in hiring the workforce from  India. The staff is hired on behalf of the remote client, but the employer of record India takes  care of all the hiring formalities by saving their remote clients a lot of time at less pricing. 

How Employer of Record India Helps its Global Clients by Hiring Remote  Employees from India 

  1. Simplifying Payroll Processing 

Employer of Record India offers payroll outsourcing services to its remote clients to take  care of all the activities related to the payroll of hiring an employee from India including,  salary processing, taxes, deductions, employee benefits, bonus, statutory compliances, and more. This saves a lot of time and money for their onshore clients as they do not  have to hire and train resources to handle payroll. 

  1. Cost-Effective Pricing 

As a business owner and maintaining a separate internal team for the human resource  will lead to increased pricing. Hence, taking up the services of the employer of record  India to hire Indian employees as remote clients will result in reduced pricing as you do  not need to maintain a separate HR team to deal with the international recruitment  process. 

  1. Taking Care of the Recruitment Cycle 

The employer of record India, as a third party takes care of the whole employee hiring  process for its foreign clients. The process includes: 

  • Hiring a workforce in India to meet the required roles and responsibilities.
  • Drafting an appropriate employment contract that adheres to local and national  regulations, as well as market norms.
  • Providing training to employees to meet up the demands of roles and  responsibilities as per job description. 

  1. Employee Benefits Administration 

Employer of record India manages all employee benefits for their foreign clients. Annual  leave, vacation leave, and sick leave are all included, as are health insurance, workers'  compensation, allowances, retirement contributions, and other mandatory benefits. The EOR India guarantees that all deductions and contributions are performed correctly  following payroll procedures.  

In a Nutshell 

In today’s digital world, the advancement of technology has elevated remote working  opportunities. As India holds the second-largest share of the population in the world with a  skilled and educated workforce. Thus, the demand for remote work is high in India. In this  scenario, the employer of record India plays a major role in providing a great solution for global  companies looking for expansion in India by hiring talent for them & taking care of all the legal  requirements and labor laws involved with employment in India.

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